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Climbing kit containing Corax harness, GRIGRI belay system with assisted blocking and Sm’D carabiner.

- For those who wish to improve their climbing skills, the Kit Corax Grigri Sm’D includes a versatile and fully adjustable CORAX harness, a GRIGRI belay system with assisted blocking, and an Sm’D carabiner with Triact-Lock Locking system.


Ideal kit for evolving climbers:
- A Corax harness
- A Grigri belay device with assisted blocking
- An Sm’D carabiner with Triact-Lock locking system

Versatile and fully adjustable CORAX harness:
- Comfortable, durable construction
- Waistbelt and leg loops are adjustable, to adapt to summer and winter activities

Grigri belay device with assisted blocking:
- Easier belaying, thanks to cam-assisted blocking
- Exceptional convenience when lowering


- Size: 1
- Waist belt: 65-96 cm
- Leg loops: 48,5-59 cm
- Weight: 700 g

- Size: 2
- Waist belt: 76-107 cm
- Leg loops: 54-67 cm
- Weight: 750 g